Colorado has been launching and growing sector partnerships for over 11 years through a framework that fosters industry-driven alignment across economic development, workforce development and education. The state has invested in regional, public-private partnerships targeting key industries that are vital to our regional economies. Important work is done throughout the state at these industry-led, public partner supported shared tables.

Positive Return on Investment

Partnerships are proven to provide greater economic opportunity, as well as shareholder profit. More than 750 businesses are actively involved in sector partnerships across Colorado. Colorado also has three separate technology sector partnerships: Tech Talent Boulder, Tech Talent Denver, and Upper Arkansas Tech.

Across sector partnerships:

  • 83% increased participation by businesses in target industry and region
  • 65% increased participation by education, training and student/jobseeker support organizations (K-12, postsecondary, workforce programs, other)
  • 83% shared data across support organizations
  • 83% increased collaboration across partner organizations on talent development
  • 83% experienced joint or shared decision-making across support organizations (education, workforce development, economic development, etc.)
  • 78% implemented joint or shared projects across support organizations

Impact on job seekers:

  • 65% increased student/jobseeker awareness of training/education programs
  • 57% were involved with work-based learning opportunities (e.g. apprenticeships, internships)
  • 52% were involved with the development of career pathways programs
  • 78% enhanced existing or developed new training/education program(s)

Impact on businesses as a result of participating in a sector partnership:

  • 65% experienced improvements in HR policies and/or employee development practices
  • 50% feel they were positively branded in local market
  • 33% formed new or enhanced joint ventures / B2B relationship